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Part 2 – A friend in need

i need alcoholAnd you call yourself a… Blurb and Contents page Updates Monday and Friday

Looking for a place around a job was haaard. After a fortnight of shifts followed by location viewings I broke down in tears to my friend Emily. “It’s crazy, Em. There’s nowhere decent I can rent on my salary.” Emily dropped a pint under my nose. Conveniently she was currently working at a pub. And in her next line she also proved to be my saviour. “I have a friend who’s looking to rent a room. Cheaper then what you were paying and bills inclusive. Good area too.”

“Really. What’s the catch?”

“He’s a bit odd. I swear he’s harmless.”


Comments on: "Part 2 – A friend in need" (2)

  1. Sure he’s harmless!!

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