Forging ahead with fictional endeavours: ~ Write a life on a page and hurry not to its grave; abhor not the coming age, for eternal is the next page. ~ Read what you will, I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do writing.

This one is for Sunday Photo Fiction.  Reductionism is not good, but ocassionally it can be fun. 😉 

“God, this place is boring.”
“Go occupy yourself, child, I’m busy creating Earth.”
The anglel pouted. God wasn’t finished with heaven yet. Everyday was the same. God hadn’t given it feeling yet. He glared down at the tiny beings on the newly created world. What was so good about them? Angels where so much finer, they deserved the attention! And, damn it, he would not be ignored!

Lucifer decided it was time to shake up heaven.


Comments on: "The why of the apple: Sunday photo fiction" (3)

  1. So that’s what happened. Great take on the prompt.

    • Probably says more about my take on the god devil decided anything. Introducing lucifer the petulant teen ( I clearly like to play with fire.)

  2. Go Luc!
    He gets a run in AnElephant’s tale too!

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