Forging ahead with fictional endeavours: ~ Write a life on a page and hurry not to its grave; abhor not the coming age, for eternal is the next page. ~ Read what you will, I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do writing.


Links to other parts can be found here.

There was something disconcerting about finding yourself on hot bitchumen looking up at a ring of people with nauseating head pain.  A graze on her arm suggested someone had been none to careful when they had rolled her over.  From the scolding she was dimly aware of, Abigail would confidently bet Rose was the culprit.  When she noticed the barely perceptible smirk Abigail feigned a stumble as a team-mate helped her up and knocked Rose on her rear.  The coach simply shot Abigail a withering look and packed her off to see the school nurse.

Abigail had visited the nurse’s office so often that Nurse Carlin greeted her like an old friend.  “What’s my favourite accident prone student done today?” Abigail plunked onto the examination bed.  “I decided to take on the court,” Abigail said, fingering the lump and grazes gingerly.  Nurse Carlin chucked, “I’m absolutely certain your coach never meant that this literally.  Let’s clean up this face of yours; it’s not a pretty site.”  Abigail winced as the Dettol hit the grazes on her head and chin, distracted only slightly by the nurse’s chatter.  Good, no signs of concussion.  Abigail started.  “Should I be worried about concussion, then?”  Nurse Carlin looked equally startled by Abigail’s question.  “Did I say that out loud?” She responded was a question tilt of the head, “No, never mind, you have nothing to worry about.  War wounds aside, I give you a clean bill of health.  However, I will be giving your mother a call so she can pick you up, just in case.”  Abigail slid off the examination table with a grimace.  “Do you really need to call her?” Abigail asked, already expecting the answer.  Nurse Carlin sent her a knowing look.  That woman is cold to Abigail… Abigail jumped, she must have imagined that Nurse Carlin’s lips weren’t moving.  “So, you’ve noticed how weirdly she treats me?” She asked with a slight quiver to her voice.  Suddenly the nurses express became very sharp as though assessing Abigail.  “I think you’re mother is under a lot of pressure, I wouldn’t worry about it. Now you wait in the side room for your mother to collect you.”  Nurse Carlin’s tone was so dismissive that Abigail was forced to comply and last thing she saw as she left was Nurse Carlin dialling  a strange number as she left the room.


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