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Smoking engine

It was a blasted warm day for England. I had the windows rolled down for old-fashioned ventilation. The car’s air on had long since crapped out in the nearly-90’s car I drove. The engine rumbled smoothly as I direct the car through oxfords modernised ancient streets. I pulled up smoothing as the light changed to red on the intersection, calmly focusing on which path to take to get my next client. The night was encroaching and to me sudden horror I noticed in the eerie glow of traffic lights that smoke had begun to rise from my engine. In a panic haste of decision making I pulled into an oddly placed off-street, suddenly grateful for Oxford’s sometimes bizarre street layout. Engine off, pop the boot and assess the damage. “Ye gods it’s hot. Shit! I can drive this!” 5 seconds later I had my last client covered and limped the injured car home.

Okay, so today’s piece is not one of my standard pieces. I have been working so much that it’s actually difficult to focus on new updates for my blog. So this time I decided to describe an event of the day in prose. I have to keep writing somehow and if this works I won’t argue. πŸ™‚

Yesterday the radiator tanks on my company car decided it was leaking and yes I had to limp it home. My normal 1 trip took nearly 2 hours as I had to keep letting the engine cool. Fun times


Comments on: "Smoking engine" (1)

  1. your engine in the boot is it? πŸ˜‰

    nice to see a snippet of your day, well done πŸ™‚

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