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Saturday Six

I have pulled out a second piece today. I really was not expecting to manage another short with my headache but I’ll take it as good occupational therapy today.  The prompt I have used for this one has be borrowed from Saturday Six run by Kristi Simpson. The prompt I used for this one was to write a description about a major character from another character POV.  As you will probably tell from the following the novel I am writing is a supernatural romance.  The protagonist is Susanne, and from her POV the plot makes a hell of a lot more sense.  If you are having trouble writing a scene or element I really do recommend a change of speaker.  Through using my lead male voice for this section I had realized aspect of their relationship that I was unaware of before – key points of which could trouble for my protagonist down the line. I actually feel sorry for her… Her love interest is idealizing her for doing her job.

Chris let out a sigh.  He was in a very awkward position. Susanne’s deep, rhythmic breathing was causing warm puffs of air to caress his neck as she relaxed into his shoulder.  Her palm was warm against his where their fingers were intertwined. It was a bad combination. He could feel his palms begin to sweat as his temperature shot up a 100 degrees.  His eyes traced over her neat, angular features, admiring the look of intense concentration she wore even in her sleep. There was an uncomfortable shifting from Mark, on her opposite side, who bore the look of the third wheel. Chris cast his friend an apologetic look, bringing himself back to reality.

Chris knew they had word to do, but he found himself in a complete state of disarray where Susanne was concern.  He was slipping dangerously close to idol worship but it was not something he stop.  It was through her that he had gained a life again. His talent had left him unable to interact normally. He had lived in a constant state of anxiety; he could so easily bring harm to others. He knew Mark felt the same; the two of them had lived a lifestyle on the run for fear that they may be discovered for the monsters they believed themselves to be. It was a great irony that in fulfilling this very fear Susanne had saved the pair.

Susanne, in discovering Chris and Mark, had opened a door for them they had not known existed. With a gentle acceptance she had washed away the shame and fear the pair had carried and enfolded them into community of fellow talents. For two isolated individuals as themselves, this sense of community was far move then they ever expected, but Susanne had taken it one step further and found them teachers to aid in the mastering of their individual powers. The control he had learned had opened up his life in ways he had long since given up on. However, mastering his ability had led him to a discovery he had not expected.  His power far outstripped that of the capable woman at his side. This realization had caused an up-welling of concern for Susanne, who’s job frequently put her in danger. It was as the sleep net Susanne wove pulled him into a state of unconsciousness that he realized equally important: his power was nothing. The ease in which Susanne had pulled him unknowingly into a sleep state made him painfully aware that power was nothing to her delicate skill. As she held out her had in the dreamscape she had created she soothed his helplessness with the words, “Ready to lend a hand?”


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  1. I’m glad the prompt helped. I do this one when I’m stuck, or something seems off in a scene. I’ve found it helps me clarify things. Sometimes I the scenes I write this way become the one I use in the end.

    • Thanks. ^_^ I wasn’t exactly stuck but I’ve gotten to the point were I have worked on it to the point where there was no forward movement. But then the fact that I almost have the entire plot flesh out is nothing sort of miracle for me given how I jump form project to project. The prompt certainly stopped that this time.

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