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This one hits the mark and I’m honestly fed up with anti-Islamic propaganda I am subjected to on face book. That hide button is getting worn out.

The UnsimpleLife

There has been a lot of talk in Australia for a while now about Halal Certified meat. I for one have paid little to no attention to it. I was at the pub last Sunday afternoon and some hick was in there wearing a blatantly racist shirt, something something, Muslim, Halal… So, i decided that i would take a look into the ‘issue’ of Halal Certification in Australia.

To be honest, i didn’t really know what Halal was/is. So i decided to start with a definition. What makes meat Halal meat?

Every religion has its own characteristics and rules. Many faiths also have their own dietary or consumables restrictions. The word Halal is derived from the Arabic language and means ‘acceptable’ or ‘permissible’, relating to the source of the produce or ingredients, the cleanliness of premises, preparation methods and the final product. Conversely, non-Halal (Haram) means non-permissible or…

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Comments on: "Halal Meat in Australia – What’s the big deal?" (6)

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Halal meat being a available for those who want it is just common courtesy, good business and what it means to live in a democracy. My grocery store carries Halal, Kosher and East Indian and Asian food and you know what, I can still get my Captain Crunch cereal 🙂

    • While I’m not too fussed over halal or kosher food I like being able to get sushi or gluten free foods. That’s what they will be up in arms over next: gluten free foods flooding the market. Sigh. It makes about as much sense. Really, Australia is a nation born from multi-nationals; we can’t keep on with the demonisation of cultures, ethnicities or creeds. It’s unaustralian.

  2. Thanks for the reblog, good to know there are like minded people out there. Shame you left the country! 🙂

    • Anytime! But there goes my fiction only blog. Sigh. There’s actually a lot of us. Unfortunately we tend to stay to quiet – because we don’t think there’s issue with other ethnic groups/creeds we don’t speak out. As a result all you hear is the uneducated, discriminatory opinions of those who are probably entirely too privileged – even if that privilege is growing up in a country where you are allowed to have your own opinion.

      • lol… sorry about that re- fiction. 🙂 uneducated, discriminatory opinions are still opinions all the same. Racism and bigotry are still in my opinion, a right of free speech. My main issue with that kind of thing is when the racist people/groups try to impose their opinions on everyone else.

        We live in a free country, and sure, you are entitled to be a racist jerk if you like. But please, keep it to yourself and stop ruining the benefits of multiculturalism for the rest of us. 🙂

      • And right there you highlight the second edge of the double-edge called free speech. If a person feel they have a right to voice their opinion they also feel they have a right to make others listen. I want to be proud of the multi-cultural nation I was born in. But then a bigot opens their mouth.

        (Also, I was not entirely serious re fiction; I stick to written art but to completely cut out outside influences cripples creativity. Anything that allows for passionate responses has a place in my blog – art is channeled passion after all.)

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