Forging ahead with fictional endeavours: ~ Write a life on a page and hurry not to its grave; abhor not the coming age, for eternal is the next page. ~ Read what you will, I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do writing.


portalDesire was inspired by this photo prompt provided for Picture it and write. I’m surprised by how it turned out as I feel like I’ve been hit by a sack full of sleep sand.  Lack of sleep doesn’t usually bode well for coherent writing.  I also have a bone to pick with the article I reblogged the other day regarding the benefits of reading, specifically the point on insomnia.  I was up till 5 in the morning reading, damn it!  I guess it was my own fault for not being able to put the book down.  Oh well, enough rambling here’s – Desire.

Ashley considered the portal with a measured gaze. Her partner, Weliin stood behind her; strong, elegant limbs pulling Ashley into a desperate embrace. “Don’t go…” He pleaded, warm breath stroking her ear. “I can’t stay.” She stated, tone devoid of remorse. “Don’t you love it here?” he asked, tone a curious mixture of despair and seduction. Another time she would have melted. “I do.”

“Then why?!”

“There’s something missing; something important.” Ashley’s tone was even. She may well have declared the sky was blue, for all the emotion she displayed. Weliin, on the other hand, only grew more desperate in the face of her imperturbability. “What, by gods, could that be?!” His grip on Ashley tightened. “There’s magic here!” Ashley nodded causally. “There’s dragons! Griffons! Mermaids! Elves! Are you telling me you can leave these wonders behind for your grey world?!” Ashley’s response was a simple nod. She felt dampness on her cheeks, and without averting her gaze from the portal, she wiped his tears. “What about me? I love you…” Ashley felt some of her resolution waning at his words. She tilted her head to take his stricken gaze head on and felt her resolve weaken as his fine elvin features come into view. Weliin was still gorgeous; symmetrical features unaffected by tears and grot, blue eyes contrasting with red rimmed lids. “I know,” Ashley replied, cupping his cheek, “and I love you.” Then with one last kiss she pulled from his embrace, striding towards the portal. “But I still must go.” She heard him fall to ground behind her and grappled with the urge to turn back. No, I must leave. Coffee was waiting.


Comments on: "Desire." (32)

  1. “What do you mean, there’s no coffee here?!” – I reckon I’d have to leave as well. Elves and whatnot are all very well, but I needs me mornin’ coffee 🙂

  2. I so didn’t see that coming 🙂

    • As that was the intention I’ll. take that as a compliment. 🙂

    • Ah, I’m also blaming you for my lack of sleep -it was your book I was until 5 reading. 🙂

      • You’re kidding!! I’m freaking dancing with excitement here 🙂

      • Not kidding. 🙂 it made my bad reading habit kick in.

      • Sorry, I was a bad influence 🙂
        I’ve got the same bad habit. I tell myself just one more chapter and then the sun is coming up 😦

      • Bad influence? More likes peas of a pod. How well has the book sold? I have wanted to do something of the same genre myself, but I’ve always been put off by the fact its a rather niche area.

      • So far, I’ve sold 68 copies which doesn’t sound like a lot but according to what I’ve learned from posts here on WordPress indie authors average sales of only a hundred copies so I guess I’m doing okay. This is my first book, I suck at social media and I’ve done no marketing; plus this isn’t the kind of book you gush about to your friends…niche market is right 🙂
        When I published in July, I thought if I sold 10 books I’d be happy. Of course, now I want to reach 100.
        It’s an incredible thrill whenever someone says they’ve bought my book, so thank you for that. You put some sunshine in my winter world today 🙂

      • Given that comment about not doing any marketing or using social media platforms and what I know about the statistics of sales both in the LGBT sector and the Indie sector 68 is pretty respectable. And you’re spot on about it being a book you can’t exactly gush about to your friends. I don’t think I’d even admit to certain people I wrote it. :/ Damn it! I don’t have the sunshine too spare!! My Winter is dark now. 🙂

  3. Love the color of your layout! I like the navigation and the variety of places to go. Will be back to read more.

  4. maad creativity and your language use is exemplary. need to get you for some lessons looolest.

  5. Haha. Coffee beats elves and other magical creatures? Not for me. But chocolate would send me back to our ‘grey’ world in a heartbeat. 😀 Cute response!

    – Ermisenda

  6. chrislb94 said:

    can’t have a world without coffee!! It just isn’t done! 😉

    • I know! I need my caffeine drip! I bet i felt so shaky in hospital because i was withdrawing on top of the pain and illness

  7. chrislb94 said:

    no doubt that was part of it, yes

  8. Coffee wins hands down every time! I like the way you structured this one, it flowed so well

  9. Awesome, who is the real love of your life, not elves, not handsome men, just good ole coffee 😀 I love this

  10. An interesting well crafted piece of work my friend ~ I can feel the fire from the dragons tongue coursing through the portal ~

  11. Great story. i love the progression of the conversation and the way the characters develop. The mystical world you created is excellent – and I love the ending! What more can I say about coffee that hasn’t already been said above?

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