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Combo prompt today.  This one combines prompts from Monday’s Finish the Story and Sunday Photo Fiction.

The old typewriter had a mind of its own. The antique was part of Olivia’s inheritance. Originally, the possessed item belonged to a great-uncle. “Andy had talent,” Grandmother claimed, “With this it will seep into you.” Olivia ignored her; she was interested in its occult nature; keys that moved. The messages received – written by spirits. Olivia had to test it out in Casa rosa, whose unsolved homicides were infamous.

Casa Rosa was unoccupied; occupants didn’t last long. Sneaking in was effortless. Years of redecoration and the dwelling smelt of blood and rot. Olivia lit her candles and got to work. For once, the spirits came when called. The flash-light flickered while the temperature dropped in concert to the house Groaning. The keys clacked.

Get. Out.

Past the typewriter, the walls bled. Taking heed, she bolted.

sunsetCollapsed on the front lawn, she looked up a the sky awash with colours and laughed. Talent indeed.

The keys typed out a new message. I. Meant. Get ME Out.

Comments on: "Typo" (24)

  1. I loved this Stephanie, made me laugh at the end. Excellent tale of a possessed typewriter…..

  2. Great story! Poor typewriter, left behind in a haunted house. 🙂

  3. I liked everything about this… leaves a bit of mystery too as to that last message – if it was the typewriter itself wanting rescue or the ‘thing’ that possessed it. 😉

    I look at all the angles. Thanks for your visit to my fiction site. I like combining prompts too. Cheers, Jules

  4. Nicely done and a bit spooky too! Thanks again for participating! I hope that you come back next Monday! Be well… ^..^

  5. How to get the spirit out? This could develop into a longer story!

  6. A spooked typewriter! Excellent 😀

  7. Now I’m feeling sorry for a typewriter! Great story.

  8. Great story! Sounds like she and the typewriter will have a long and successful friendship. 😀 I like your creativity!

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