Forging ahead with fictional endeavours: ~ Write a life on a page and hurry not to its grave; abhor not the coming age, for eternal is the next page. ~ Read what you will, I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do writing.

On court


This photo prompt borrowed from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

We met again on court. Joe… Best friends once; we had been team-mates in junior high. Now we were strangers playing for different teams. The relic of my awkward teen years presented a unique challenge. Our ball volleyed back and forth; tossing my emotions with it.


Did he recognise me?


Our friendship was once a warm fire…


I drenched it.


Was he bitter?


Would he reject me as I rejected him?

Shit. The ball sailed into a blind spot. The Ref called it and the game was over. Each party approached the net and shook on a game fair played. “Your backhand’s still weak.” Joe gripped my hand. His eyes were warm; sins forgiven, if not forgotten. “Your grip’s still weak, Joseph.” That night we rekindled our fire.


Comments on: "On court" (17)

  1. I’m pleased it all ended better than it might have. Well done Stephanie.

  2. Wonderful! What a way to come together again 🙂

  3. Nothing like a little bit of sport to get things sorted out.

  4. I like the way you brought this together

  5. I agree with the others. This story was great. Your amazing creative juices are flowing again! I loved the back and forth thoughts as they were “whacking” the ball. Loved this! Thank you so much for participating and I really hope you will continue. 🙂

  6. I liked how the ball going back forth was analogous to your MC’s thoughts. I liked the little twist at the end and that they remembered each other. The story had a nice build and a rewarding end. So much was said in just their 2 lines of dialogue. Good job.

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