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Leap of Faith Part 4


This section is written in response to the photo prompt from Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Parts One, Two and Three. <—- Follow to find if you have not read yet.  This is my third segment on the same story today. It is unusual for me to write so many flash-fics in the same day, let alone on a larger plot.  I couldn’t seem to dislodge this one from my focus.  I’ve been sitting here manically typing away despite exhaustion and seizure warnings because I felt compelled to get it out.  Case of the story hijacking the Author.

Eric twirled the pill-jar, staring at half-drunk whiskey. He reached for it. No. Eric hesitated, then reached again. No. He felt restrained by another. Eric supposed it was wistful thinking. Eric hung his head into his hands. The image of the falls rose again. Unbidden; persistent. 25 of March. “Her anniversary. May as well spend it there.” His tone as bitter. Eric left home sober for the first time in years.

Even in winter the area was beautiful. Elendra stood, waiting. A realistic hallucination; the green robe edged in grey was a nice touch. Not something she had ever worn. The warmth of her hand in his grip; he had lost his mind. He felt well. “This time, you leap with me.”

“My turn to take a leap of faith.” Elandra smiled, free of anguish. Together they leapt, he would follow to oblivion. He felt electrified, then… Surprised. They stood on a path of autumnal beauty.


Comments on: "Leap of Faith Part 4" (10)

  1. Beautiful! I am taking it they didn’t leap into the falls (did they?) I am assuming they fell in love again. I hope that is the ending. 😀 Great story!

  2. I think this is a did they or didn’t they? moment. I go with PJ in hoping they didn’t. Definitely intriguing. Good description of his battle with himself over taking that drink.

  3. I like the dual POV. A hard feat to accomplish in so few words. I thought the first chapter had a very compelling emotional description.

    • I had a teacher many years ago who said ‘if you can’t write about something with one word, you can’t write about it with 1000.’ Only thing of note she ever said, but it’s very true. A word limit forces you to choose them wisely. But, I would like to do longer version of most of my flash fics.

  4. ” Autumnal beauty” ~ A question hanging in the fall ~ I love the unanswered questions ~

  5. Caught up… wanting more…
    I’ve added to The Electric Series of Brian Strong…
    Made a page for links here:
    I had previously in other series waited a week in between.
    But I’ve written 6 pieces in 9 days… so I know what you mean about being hijacked.
    But the prompts fit and helped.


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