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Friday Fictioneer post. 🙂

“There’s Mushrooms in the soup. I’ve disguised a few in the salad, so No picking them out. I’m talking to you, Jerome. We have mushroom and chicken pie for mains. There’s even some left over for tomorrow to have lightly fried with bacon and eggs.”

Nate furrowed his brow. There had been no mushrooms in the shopping.

“Mum, where did you get the mushrooms?”

“They were growing wild behind the barn.” Nate dropped his fork. This would be fun to watch but he decided to move his farm further away from sight.


Comments on: "‘Shrooms" (16)

  1. Brilliant, this made me laugh!
    I can imagine his face dropping when she said that.

  2. Ha ha ha nice twist! Great work

  3. Definitely made me laugh. I’ve been trying to figure out how to write effective comedy, and you have done it so easily in 100 words. Well done

    • Thanks. 🙂 I’ve been practicing. But it’s not necessarily the word count that affect the humour; it’s the delivery.

  4. chrislb94 said:

    Oops… Yep, it’s all in the delivery 🙂 good one

  5. Wow, fun to watch or slightly disturbing. 🙂 Great story.

  6. I would move, too. Nice one!

  7. I could imagine a scene like one of Twister, where you’d hear the metal utensils clicking & clanging on ceramic, as they’re put down. And a coughing spell comes over the table—“you put what in the food?” without saying it.

  8. Funny! That should be an interesting meal.

  9. Great fun.
    I’ve also experimented with substituting the your characters’ names for various annoying members of the Radio 4 Archers clan – strangely satisfying.

  10. As I started reading this piece, I had a suspicion as to where where it was heading. You also finished very strongly, which works well

  11. Loved that his mother raided his “mushroom” farm. Haha! Funny.

  12. Dear Penshift,

    I think Nate has some explaining to do before anyone eats all those “shrooms.” 😉 Cute story.



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