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Tribute to insomnia

Stays up all night

though exhaustion makes

every fiber

phase in and out.

Have to control



insomnia to sleep


My sleeping pattern is right out of whack; it has been for a while now.  It’s never a good sign. 🙂


Comments on: "Tribute to insomnia" (6)

  1. My sleeping patterns have been out of whack since I was about 14. I blame video games for the last 30 years of screwed up nocturnal slumberance.

    • I have similar excuses. I claim to have ancestors on night watch/night shifts. 🙂 but even without distractions I don’t sleep. The trick is to either collapse from exhaustion or remain alert enough to get stuff done anyway.

      • Pretty much. I have to be either physically exhausted or mentally drained (both would be awesome)… anything less than either of those.. and.. it’s night time shenanigans for this guy.

  2. I’ve fought insomnia for over 20 years, too. The experts say that electronics are bad because the blue light from the TV and the whatever from your phone or laptop makes your brain think it’s daylight. The only med that ever worked for me was taken away when I turned 65 because, they said, you’ll get up at midnight and play in traffic.’ Idiots. Good luck.

    • The irony is I’m on strong anti-seizure meds. They cause lethargy and drowsiness. Yet they won’t put me to sleep. Meds aren’t necessarily as good as they make out either

  3. Dodgy sleeping patterns cause so many problems and I really sympathise with you on this. I’ve had years of not being able to sleep, and waking up constantly when I did eventually nod off. I’m much better since I retired – not good, but better. I can see that your other medication wouldn’t help your problem.

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