Forging ahead with fictional endeavours: ~ Write a life on a page and hurry not to its grave; abhor not the coming age, for eternal is the next page. ~ Read what you will, I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do writing.

Ventures in creativity: all you need to know.

So, hello and welcome aboard Next Stop: The End. My pen name is Penshift for the duration of my voyage through these murky skies and our current flight path takes us via an introductory tour of this blog before a sharp descent into the literary for your pleasure. Refreshments will be served momentarily, and in the meantime I hope you take this chance to enjoy the in-flight entertainment to be found scattered through out this site.

This new blog represents a second descent into madness on my part. My first blog, Crazy Thoughts, is still very much alive and running. It, however, serves a very different purpose then Next Stop: the end. Crazy thoughts represents a collection of allergen-friendly recipes, soap production experiments and ramblings on my most recent adventures (including occasional notes on my my written work). Next Stop: the end, on the other hand, represents an experiment in the expression of creativity while improving a literary ability. My goal to achieve this is to publish a short piece of original fiction weekly. By doing so I have the two fold purpose of self-advertisement and self-improvement.

I am writing this blog to appeal to those, like myself, who enjoy original fiction – whether they enjoy reading it or, like I do, enjoy writing it. The fiction collected here will vary in genre and style, but even so I hope you find so I hope you find something to taste here.

Please enjoy and visit us soon. πŸ™‚

Current Ongoing series:

And you call yourself a…

Jason and the Darwin Awards

Sweet Brain Damage


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  1. I really appreciate the idea and am grateful for the follow. I will follow back and read your progress with interest.

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