Forging ahead with fictional endeavours: ~ Write a life on a page and hurry not to its grave; abhor not the coming age, for eternal is the next page. ~ Read what you will, I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do writing.

Penshift: About the Pincushi- I mean Author

Hi, thanks for visiting my bio.  Here I go by the penname Penshift, though I have no qualms about using my real name in connection to my writing. Penshift has become a personal brand name, if you will, for my written works. Now, to state the obvious, I consider myself a Author.  However, that is just a slice of who I am.

The sum of my current persona can be reduced in this fashion: I was born in Australia, and migrated to England as a typical trouble teenager after years of raising my youngest sibling like a daughter. I am an alumni of the University of Brighton (UK) from which I graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts degree with dual honours in Sociology and Psychology.  I am currently undertaking a Masters in Social Work at Griffith Uni, which I always regret when I’m finishing assessments.  I have worked many roles in the domestic service, retail and hospitality industries before switch to caring; though that role ending when a got a hole in my head. 😉  No pun or joke there; I had an operation to remove a brain tumour, while downing drugs and playing pincushion with medical professionals.  My current lot in life is to slow bring myself back health while coping with seizures, and the after-effects of surgery/tumour existence.  I am now back in Aus, wondering if life really does have a sense of humour; making a boomerang child out of me! 😀  While I have been writing since I was young, I now write to express passion I did not know existed, and to continue to do everything I am capable of.

Most writers I know have been writing since they were young.  In this I am no exception. Despite this long history I have only begun to seriously think about writing/publishing in the past few years.  As a results, my published works are restricted to essays, a dissertation, and blog entries.  I have submitted the odd short story for publication but so far I have had no luck.  I suspect that this is the result of the sheer competitive nature of the industry combined with the fact that just because something is well-written doesn’t mean it’s marketable.  Of course, I keep in mind that no matter how my skills improve there are always better writers out there.  With this defeatist thought pattern I may only ever self publish – but perhaps that is fitting for who I am.

Writing, at its best, should be considered a skilled art form. The construction of worlds, plots and characters through the appropriate use of words to create vivid imagery on paper that is enjoyable and relatable takes both skill and talent. Talent, while innate, can not complete written work without skill gleaned from practiced experience.  Like any painter I wish to show others what I see, and I very much love to enjoy the visions of others.  Words are the basis of communication and community and, as such, their beauty should not be underestimated because of the practicality of their usage. I write my own reality, but I hope, as a community, we all write a shared reality with our art.

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Comments on: "Penshift: About the Pincushi- I mean Author" (31)

  1. Hi,

    I’m Tokoni, A student and poet. Its nice to meet your I’d like to invite you to my blog, if you’re interested. Thanks!

  2. Some interesting thoughts on writing and the beauty of words here, Penshift. It’s not really surprising that so many of the people who do the writing challenges are involved in writing, in one way or another. I’m sure we’ll chat again on at least one of them. I look forward to following your blog in general and enjoying connecting with another writer.

    • That will be my analytical and artistic sensibilities ganging up on me again. Writing is a bit of an addiction, I’ve never met anyone who can write who doesn’t want to take it further or at least write frequently. Thanks

      • I’ve been using the word ‘addictive’ all too often this past two weeks! I’m going to have to watch my time or my book just won’t get written. I’m having far too much fun with these flash fiction things . . . !

      • I’m having the same problem… I’m two scene outlines away from a complete plot and I’m being distracted by flash fiction and real life.

      • Join the Club. I’ve got two books on Amazon (of a trilogy) and desperately need to ‘get on’ with the third. I do enjoy the flash fiction and know I’ll carry on with it for a while. Perhaps I’ll just forsake the idea of going to bed! You’re so close to finishing your book, so you must be excited about that. I wish you lots of luck with it – especially the ‘getting published’ part.

  3. I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award! I really enjoy your writing.

  4. The Black Hat Writer said:

    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award.

  5. Hi Penshift (shifting in the right direction I would hope) thanks for the follow. I read that you are an Australian, well once you were, so from one still down under welcome to my blog I look forward to exploring your written works. I hope your health improves and I send my best wishes to you in that regard. Take care.

    • My Pen always shifts in a direction that right for it, I just get swept along behind. Health wise, there is only up. The rough patch is piecing me live together again seems full of catch 22’s 🙂

  6. Hello! Thanks for the follow! I look forward to browsing your site and your creativity!

  7. HI Penshift. I’ve just tagged you on my post, Love in Four Words. (I’m sure you’ll groan at that because I did when I was nominated.) I’m sure you’ll manage better sentences than I have! 🙂

  8. This was a very enjoyable and interesting read!

  9. Hello and thanks for the visit.

  10. Hi there, many thanks for dropping by and following my blog. I appreciate your support. I look forward to reading more of your work, as I hope you will mine also. Bex

  11. kerry kittrell said:

    Hi! Thank you for liking my Day I of Blogging 101 post. Your Pincushi post is very poignant and touching. Thank you for your courage and the great colors on your blog. May you be well! Cheers.

    • Not sure its courage or whining some days. But I’ve found blogging works better if people can relate to you in some way. Personable and personality are good point to try reflect.

  12. Thank you for visiting an “liking” my post on Renaissance Musings.

    • It was informative about your blog. Sometimes like are the only way you know who has read your page as well. Nice to know theres a face behind the views some day.

  13. With your experience, you have probably already noted the createspace website for self-publishing, which automatically puts it on, and kindle if you choose. It is a free service, and my husband and I have both been very pleased with it. PS your blog site is beautiful and hope to see more!

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