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The regular


The piece I’ve written based on the photo prompt for ‘Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers‘, a new writing challenge in it’s debut week. Join in if you like.

The Regular.

Susan fled to quiet of Café Moca, relaxed by the musty scent of books. Coffee, books, company; the perfect retreat from stress. Aiden, the barrister, waved as he spotted her. “Hey, Suz!”

“Hey, Sugar. You still working?”

“Aw, nice to see you too!” He replied, flashing a cheeky grin as he worked.

“You know you’re the highlight of my day,” Susan replied, leaning onto the counter. Aiden already had her double-strength latte, with home-made Victoria sponge, coming. Tuesday – sponge day, she smiled. “That’s the coffee,” Aiden replied.

“Absolutely! Aiden… When was the last day you had off?” She worried.

“Eh? Aah… The last part-timer quit last week. I’m holding out till Mick can hire someone.”

“No wonder you look wrecked. I’ll send Clara over; she needs a job.”

“Suzzie, you’re a lifesaver. I could finally see Mick! The cake’s on the house.” Sweet! She could kiss Aiden. But, she mused, Mick would be pissed.


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