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Next Stop: The End; In Review

This blog was born in December of 2013. As I gave my theme a long awaited overhaul I realised a review of my blog was long overdue. In my first post ‘Resolutions, backgrounds and pursing the tantalising.‘ I outlined the purpose for the creation and upkeep of ‘Next Stop: The End’. As I glance back at this post I realized how far I had come in some areas, and how I had fallen woefully short in others.

The original aim of this blog was tri-fold – 1) To get over the crippling anxiety I had in letting others read my work, 2) To get the point where I could complete a novel length project, and 3) improve my writing skills. In the first area I believe I have been quite successful, otherwise I would not been able to keep an active blog; whether I had the free time or not. In the third area I also believe I have been successful to a degree, while there is room for improvement I feel that my skills have improved quite a bit. Now area two  is the crux of the issue.  I have completed various articles of flash fiction and poetry. Yet I still have not completed a novel. Worse, my ongoing series have gone long neglected since February last year (Jason and the Darwin Awards, Sweet Brain Damage, And you call youself a…).  This absence, while caused by external factors, has crippled my progress and the growth of my site. It also conflicts with the very posting goal I laid out in my about page ‘Ventures in creativity: all you need to know.’  One would think that 1 post a week would be easy to stick too…

Over all, my goals for this blog remain the same, but in light of my review I am going to add one more: To keep my minimum posting level even if I’m busy with life related problems.  Besides, there’s no way the next year can possible be as busy as 2014 was for me so someone please slap me if I miss a week.

Now, on with the literature!


No Tall Tales Today

ImageThis blog started as a personal push to force myself to a) write regularly and b) improve my writing skills.  Thus far I think it has been successful in both aspects.  Today, however, I am forcing myself to take a break.  I’m just not feeling particularly creative at the moment.  I have been struggling with this for the past few days, and I’ve not necessarily been happy with what I’ve produced interim.  After some careless worrying I came to the conclusion that I was forcing myself to hard to be creative at a time when I’ve already been pushing my limits (not my creative limits, but my physical ones.)  So instead of a story I offer you all a virtual Anzac bikkie.  Yummo. ^_^


<Ignore whining here>  So half of Oxfordshire is under water and cold rain is still coming down.  I have a interview tomorrow in Didcot… Didcot!!!  So I have to drag my arse out to the middle of English nowhere via severely delayed public transport and Hope I get a job out of it.  I’ve been subjected to antibiotics and constant colds that make the winter some much more bearable.  <whiny rant over>  Misery guts moment over.   Sorry about that.

Resolutions, backgrounds and pursing the tantalising.

From the tagline of this blog it should already be quite obvious what this blog is about.  This is an egocentric exercise designed to self-promote my literary works in the hopes that this gives me the push I need to actually finish a project.  My ultimate goal here is to finally finish a project.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember.  I enjoy spinning out fantasy stories.  I love each and everyone of my characters.  I even feel that by writing realistic portrayals of human behaviour I can come closer to understanding the human condition.  Problem is, although I have been writing since my early teens,I have never finished any of my projects.  The majority of them sit in my computer archive gathering digital dust.

My main excuse for this is that, especially over the past decade, I have led a very busy lifestyle.  However I would be lying if I said that a case of nerves wasn’t involved.  I can write and submit an extensive dissertation for critical marking, but the thought I making my personal stories public gives me the jitters.  These two  issues are the backbone of the aims of this blog.

I have set myself goals for this adventure:  to write, and subsequently publish here, a scene at;east once a week.  This goal seems pretty manageable on the offset. However I know I have chosen such a lax goal in the first place because I know my ability for consistency in publication will mean this goal by itself will be hard to manage. I foresee weeks where I am able to over produce where as there will be weeks where I will not feel the inspiration to do so much as a sentence.

Still I have set myself a challenge.  The question will be ‘How will I answer this challenge’?

And on that note, I will leave with these final words:

It began one dark and stormy night…

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