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Prayer for the dying.


I’ve borrowed this photo from Jeremy’s Thursday Challenge.  It wasn’t the intended prompt, I think, but it inspired me, soo… I give you this flash-fic.  I warn you it does deal with terrorism but from an alternative point of view because I, quite frankly, am tired of the muslim = terrorist/extremist notion. This is not directed at Christianity either, so please hold the flames. 🙂 And, as a final note, if you have lost loved ones as the result of extremist behaviour or have strong opinions on terrorism/religion, and may be offended please skip over this bit of fiction – no offence is intended.

Prayer for the dying.

On the bench facing the park a man sat in plain clothes with an open book in his lap. To passers-by he was reading. If they had ventured a closer inspection they would have noted he clutched a crucifix.


“May Christ, Who was crucified for your sake, free you from excruciating pain.”

15:45 10s

“May Christ, Who died for you, free you from the death that never ends.”

15:45 20s

“May Christ, the Son of the living God, set you in the ever green loveliness of His Paradise, and may He, the true Shepherd, recognize you as one of His own.”

15:45 40s

“May you see your Redeemer face to face and, standing in His presence forever, may you see with joyful eyes Truth revealed in all its fullness.”

15:46 The explosion tore buildings indiscriminately.


He rose and was lost in the confusion around him.


Abraham flicked on the evening news. “…tragic bombing of a London mosque has now claimed 56 lives with injury counts in 100s. Father Timothy Brown has been arrested for withholding vital information about the bomb. Police currently have no evidence linking him to the crime itself…” Abraham flicked the TV off. He might have known the old bastard would turn himself. “He never did have faith…”

By the time police raided Abraham’s home, he was long gone and a dangerous new terror threat was in the making.


Halal Meat in Australia – What’s the big deal?

This one hits the mark and I’m honestly fed up with anti-Islamic propaganda I am subjected to on face book. That hide button is getting worn out.

The UnsimpleLife

There has been a lot of talk in Australia for a while now about Halal Certified meat. I for one have paid little to no attention to it. I was at the pub last Sunday afternoon and some hick was in there wearing a blatantly racist shirt, something something, Muslim, Halal… So, i decided that i would take a look into the ‘issue’ of Halal Certification in Australia.

To be honest, i didn’t really know what Halal was/is. So i decided to start with a definition. What makes meat Halal meat?

Every religion has its own characteristics and rules. Many faiths also have their own dietary or consumables restrictions. The word Halal is derived from the Arabic language and means ‘acceptable’ or ‘permissible’, relating to the source of the produce or ingredients, the cleanliness of premises, preparation methods and the final product. Conversely, non-Halal (Haram) means non-permissible or…

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