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Answered prayers

Prompts borrowed from Mayhem Monday. I had a little fun with this one.

Swimming in the ocean at night, you feel something large scrape along your leg. What do you do?

oceanMmmphmm!” Ilika covered her mouth with a slap as the scales scraped her thigh. She allowed herself to bob with the waves in the centre a circular altar carved of driftwood. Between gulping breaths Ilika chanted, “I am the offering to ‘Ellaan, honoured water-king of Shallaa. Recede the tides and restore our- mmmph- shores.” Ilika cringed as the creature brushed past a second time. Off to her right she heard a chortle. Ilika strained to see from the corner of her eye. The water had sculpted into the shape of a man. The opaque figure glistened unnervingly in the moonlight; she knew instantly that she was in the company of ‘Ellan. “’y L-lord,” Ilika snapped herself forward. It was impossible to bow in the ocean. She settled for bowing her head while treading water. The aqua man chortled again. “I never understand why your species puts so much stock in formalites. Raise your head.” Ilika’s eye could not have gotten any wider as she met the water god’s gaze. “That’s better. Now the first, what do you call yourselves… priests? Yes, Priest. The first priest, all he did was ask me to divert the water a little, we shook hands on it then we went for a quick drink at the ‘Divine Dive’. There was a human you could have a good time with,” he nattered on while scratching at aquatic chin whiskers. Shock trapped the vomit of words in Ilika’s throat. Actual vomit was forced out as a scaly, reptilian head rested on her shoulder. ‘Ellaan slide over too her side and thumped her on the back. The force of air leaving her lungs sucessfully knocked out her fear. “Sorry, my dragon form seems to bother you. I can drop you off at the Mountain god’s pit, if you want to ask her for help instead. However, the last priestess didn’t seem agreeable to the lava…” ‘Ellaan was crestfallen. Puzzle pieces clicked into place. Ilika gasped in a breath and shakily raised a hand to stroke reptilian cheeks. “’Ellaan, could you please recede the flood waters for us?” ‘Ellaan’s aquatic avatar perked up, dragon nuzzling her cheek.

Only if you buy me a drink!”


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