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Of Mortal Men


This piece was written for Flash Friday, other submissions, posting guidelines and rules can be found here.

Desert survival depended on the gods. Elsme’s modest shrine was centrefold of a picturesque Oasis; as such she was blessed with routine worshippers. Over time devoted followers built a temple in her honour. Elsme was pleased. When a ragged boy appeared before her, she took him as her own and the people praised her virtues.

Her child grew, strong and devoted. Her people grew wealthy and proud. The blessings of Elsme became legendary and soon tribes began to covet the Her Oasis. Once such tribe descended as an oncoming horde; weathered and honed by the desert. Before long her precious child was called to war; assailing her fears with a promise to return. Disaster upon her, the goddess wept; cracking the heavens to flood the blood churned sands. Elsme sat on her throne, and waited. The hourglass filled the temple. The once beautiful Oasis dried up yet still she waited. One day he would return.


The why of the apple: Sunday photo fiction

This one is for Sunday Photo Fiction. ┬áReductionism is not good, but ocassionally it can be fun. ­čśë┬á

“God, this place is boring.”
“Go occupy yourself, child, I’m busy creating Earth.”
The anglel pouted. God wasn’t finished with heaven yet. Everyday was the same. God hadn’t given it feeling yet. He glared down at the tiny beings on the newly created world. What was so good about them? Angels where so much finer, they deserved the attention! And, damn it, he would not be ignored!

Lucifer decided it was time to shake up heaven.

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