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3, 4, and 5; EEeep

It’s clearly a busy week for me, despite feeling so run down. I’ve barely written anything forevs!  I have, on the other hand, been nominated another 3 times for ‘The Lovely Blog Award’ by Clintington on Film, The Black Hat Writer, and Mischief Memoirs separately.  I now smells a conspiracy at work. <.< >.> <.< *dons tin-foil hat*

Since it’s 3 separate nominations I thought it was fair play to list 21 ‘interesting’ fact about myself but I have only made 15 nominations cuz 45 seemed to many. 🙂 Here we go and have fun!

  1. I am totalling unphased by creepy-crawlies. Whenever a poor, ickle bug manages to cause mass panic at work I’m the one called upon to rescue poor Mr. eight-legs.
  2. The only time I backed away from a spider was because Limpy, our 7 legged huntsman spider (who, even with his deformity, was still as big as a hand), had decided he need to use the toilet for his business. I left him too it. It was the only polite thing I could do after walking in on him.
  3. I have a paralysing fear of falling, especially around water. My entire body locks up into paralysis mode if I start to slip and there’s no way of stopping myself.
  4. It was so bad that I had a recurring nightmare when I was really little about falling off a cliff into the ocean. Magically, this dream stopped once my parents got rid of the water bed I was sleeping on.
  5. I failed my first driving test because I was speeding! (Not by much) The Irony was I was a super-slow driver because I was afraid of loosing control behind the wheel.
  6. When I did crash I was going a good 20km below the speed limit and still took out 4 thick fence posts! The passenger side window was caved in but I got away with whiplash and a nice shiner on my thigh.
  7. After this I lost my fear of driving and suddenly I was a bleedin’ rally driver!
  8. My dog was one of my best friends. I remember walking him one day and running into two of the neighbour kids a few streets down. They had just got themselves an American pit bull and wanted to show of it’s power. -_- Now my Blueheeler would have had no trouble taking it – he was a bad dog for wandering off and getting into fights and heelers aren’t exactly known for their delicate demeanour, but I wasn’t having him injured because a couple of twits wanted to prove their dog was a fighter. They threatened to sic their dog on him. I looked at the dog. I looked at them. “He’ll lose it.” They looked a little miffed, I must say! So I really wasn’t surprised when one of them challenged me on it. I still enjoy their perturbed look at my next response, “You try it and I’ll finish it; he goes near Blue and I will be on him!” Top tip: If you are in a situation where a dog is seriously trying to maul you – shove your fist down it’s throat; it will choke, let go, and rethink it’s attack. I never want to have to do this but when dealing with irresponsible owners it’s the only way too go.
  9. This same pair, along with my gal pal’s neighbour, were seriously bullying said gal pal one day by deliberately running into her with their bikes. I was furious. They had no need for their behaviour and she was in tears. I deliberately stood in their path as they tried it on me. I waited till one got close, grabbed the handle bars and stopped him in his tracks. I must have looked fierce, because they all stopped their little game of chicken. Next thing I know *J*, who was not actively involved but still hanging with the group, was running up to me to apologise for it. Thinking back, I’m now beginning to understand why no one ever got physical with the bullying when I entered high school.
  10. I used to walk my dog through the neighbouring cattle farmer’s paddocks. The cattle were so used to seeing us that one day I lowed at them for the hell of it and damn things began to follow me!
  11. I once tried to shoo a large shingle back lizard off the road so he wouldn’t get squished. The little bastard turned around and -snapped- at me. Thankfully, I had done the shooing with a branch, because he snapped it in two…
  12. I will eat almost anything; including liver and kidneys, BUT get those bloody olives away from me!!!
  13. I often talk to myself. Worse, I often answer. This has earnt me my fair share of odd looks!
  14. I always talk to inanimate objects too! However Google now and Siri cause me to wig out. How dare they talk back too me! I am their master.
  15. The first room I had in Brighton was with B*. She had another lodger and was renting to me to force her 46 year son to move out. This did not work. When I moved out 3 loooong years later he was still on her couch.
  16. The son was an abusive piece of work. He was always looking for ways of verbally abusing or threatening us. He didn’t like me because I didn’t have the time of day for him. He started – I was gone.
  17. B* was forever using me as her therapist. If I had charged fees I’d be rich.
  18. B* once had me stay home from college because she was planning on locking F* out and needed some one in ear shot who would dial 999. This was not a plan I was comfortable with as my room had no lock – not that I didn’t have plenty of potential bludgeons.
  19. I saw my first corpse when I was 19 – a nice late age. All because the memo that the ladies room was not to be entered that day was somehow ‘lost’. Unfortunately, I wasn’t even that ruffled. I would like to say I want to be more affected by it but I like not having PTSD!
  20. One of the final year modules I opted for in uni was the sociology of death; fascinating subject but all the materials came with warnings! We were also advised to see a counsellor if it got too much! Seriously, why study a subject if you can’t stomach the contents?
  21. I think snails are lucky. I know, random right? (Thought I’d be nice and finish off with something less depressing)

Nominations – I hope I haven’t accidentally spammed you twice, guys!  I now realise I am going to have to follow more blogs so I don’t wind up with identical nominations every time.

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They finally got me: my seven deadly sins -_-

Thanks Angela, you’ve nominated me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ – WordPress more fun equivalent of a facebook chain game (Which I Refuse to participate in on principle). When I first saw this floating around I thought What The Hell? I was convinced, until I saw it in action, that it was actual award!  But now that I’ve been nominated I am now obligated to share 7 interesting facts about myself.  I was hoping to avoid this because 7? Seriously, 7? 7 is a curse! (Besides, I have a million and one tales to tell, though they are not all true. 😉 )

My seven deadly sins: ~

1) I have a BA(hons) BUT I never graduated high school. 😉  I had a lot of misdiagnosed health problems when growing up (some of which I realised on my degree course were Stress and Anxiety related) so after 13 years of age my time actually at school become less and less (Which my parents quickly took advantage of by using me as a nanny for my youngest sibling). I am a self-proclaimed success story for alternative educational pathways.

2) I am related to Dawn Langley Pepita Simmons.  He started life as Gordon Langley Hall and she is my grandmother’s cousin. I have never met Dawn but would love too.  She managed to single-handedly alienate herself from that side of the family, but not, from how I heard it, for the gender change.  As Gordon she was known for being a bit ‘off with the faeries.’ In keeping, her biography has a lot of ‘tall tales’ or so the family claims.

3) Schizophrenia runs in my family on both sides. I had a fantastic time with my uncle growing up; talking to him when he was loopy was great, so many wonderful stories. I like to think that if he channeled that creativity properly he would be a best-seller.

4) I now have occasional use for a cane thanks to brain damage and the after-effects of the seizures.  However, my first response was not too be depressed. My friend backed away because she could see the evil glint in my eyes as I realised I now had a weapon I reasonable carry.

5) I the oldest of three but I’m the only official military brat.  Don’t let that throw you; we all have the same father! 😉

6) I’ve had a near death experience – but I was too young to remember it properly. I fell into a fish pond and nearly drowned when I was four.  All I have is this absolutely beautiful memory of staring up at the light through the murky waters with lily fronds and koi carp around.  It was a magical scene.

7) I don’t hide the fact that I’ve had brain surgery to remove a tumour. What I don’t often tell people (because people are often more squeamish than I) is that I was awake the entire time for my 6 hour open head surgery.  And, hell yes, I was scared – particularly when they were using an electric stimulator to map out the line between tumor and brain tissues.  They hit on specific point and I was damn near launched off the table by the resultant seizure.

Next up, my nominations.  I’ve tried to pick people who would actually interested in this one.  There are a few people who I know have been nominated but not joined in.  I also want to use it as a chance to call attention to good writers, if I can. But that list could go on forever! Now for my nominees – Tag, You’re it!!

My nominees *Evil smirk*

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2. Jeremy of quite a few blogs. 🙂

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14. Rochelle

15. Kate

Hopefully, if don’t want to take a crack at it, you’ll won’t want to flame me! 🙂



This one did not go where I wanted it too.  I had idea then got frustrated half way through because it did not want to write in that direction.  I almost gave up on it but then I looked at it again today and decided it could easily be finished, just not the way I intended.  It was bloody typical; I got frustrated and set up a twitter account and reclaimed my linkin account all to distract myself from a story that was tied up really quickly.  I borrowed the prompt from Monday Madness.

Trisha: Teen (wannabe) Detective.

“Oooo, Space,” Trisha felt herself saying. “Wait… no stars?…” Trisha stared up her dark universe. “Bummer…” she muttered as the world became less disjointed. A minute later it occurred to addle-brained teen that the world was not actually spinning. Then, by unfortunate hap-stance, the world stopped.

“I was Enjoying that!” Trisha flung at the universe. Bored and pouting, she decided it was time to deal with reality. “Right, 58th time I’ve woken up in this position. Protocol 1) Injury!” Trisha proceeded to pat herself down while singing ‘Head, shoulders, knees, and toes.’ Left ankle: twisted. Right elbow: gash running up to shoulder, likely bruised. Wet substance on head? Blood or other liquid? Trisha rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger. Not water. She licked her finger. Coppery. “Blood. That will be why my memories fuzzy. Protocol 2) Sensations?” Cold. Wet. Slight mildew smell. So far, so standard. Whistling, puffs of earthy-scented air, coming from same direction as the sound of rain splatter: open or cracked window, likely basement level. Shallow breathing from my right, scent of strawberries mixed with cheap deodorant; only one person that could be. “Oi, Dick!” No response. Likely unconscious, no help from him. “Protocol 3) Explore environment; prioritise light, escapes routes, and unconscious fools,” Trisha rose gingerly, relieved that she hadn’t hit her head this time around. She figured the wince-inducing pain in her ankle was enough of a handicap. With care she felt around, at switch level. “Oh, well, what do you know? Found you quickly, my pretty little circuit!” Trisha covered her eyes, flipped the switch and waited for her eyes to adjust.

This was too easy and on opening her eyes Trisha discovered why. “Geh, Dick’s basement! Is it too much to be kidnapped, GodDamnit!” she exclaimed as she bolted up the stairs to confirm her deepest fear: the door was indeed unlocked. Grumbling she returned to basement level to prod Dick with a bare toe. “Good morning, Sunshine! Time to get up,” Trisha ordered as she examined his crumpled form. Fair few bruises, and nice looking cut; these were of no immediate concern. Dick’s leg was definitely bending the wrong way though. In a flurry of practised first aid Trisha simultaneously called 000 and wrapped him in a blanket. By the time the paramedics arrived Dick had yet to regain consciousness and, for that, Trisha was sure he would be eternally grateful.

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