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New directions

I think I mentioned in my last post that I was volunteering for a few organisations.  I am currently working as a Reporter for Win, a local non-profit organisation aimed at multi-cultural awareness and integration.  I’m hoping to test my writing skills and breach into a new area of experience.  Here’s my draft of the article:

With the spring a new season of classes is starting at Welcoming Inter-cultural Neighbours (Win). The Gladstone based, non-profit organisation aims for community integration and looks to a more inclusive future. To this end, Win proudly offers English classes ranging from beginners level to prep classes for IELTS. The inclusive company also provides a variety of foreign language classes, computer classes and employment workshops to locals and migrant alike. Those who work with Win understand that adapting to a foreign community can be a daunting process and, often, where services exist they lack a multi-cultural perspective. Languages classes provided by Win are just one of the many ways the dedicated company seeks to bridge the gap.

Most new residents and visitors desire to communicate effectively as there is nothing more isolating then being deaf to the language around you. From my own travels, I know just how embarrassing it can be trying to make yourself understood with no knowledge of the local lingo. Quite often you find yourself lost, isolated or unable to navigate the social waters of the community. This can lead to missing out on important details vital to everyday life. Yet, despite the fact that English speakers spend formative years learning the language, we often demand that migrants learn it in a tiny fraction of the time. This is an unrealistic expectation. However, with language classes run by qualified teachers and friendly volunteers, such as those provided by Win, the goal of mutual understanding can be met more swiftly. The provision of better English skills also adds a vital tool to tool-box of integration and assists individuals to adapt to our community.

Whether you are a long-term community member looking to brush up, or a new arrival wanting to improve, or are looking to learn a second language Win invites you to visit them. For more information about classes and other services please visit or 10 Tank st, Gladstone. We can be reached via, or 0487 422142.

I’m not sure yet if revision will be needed.  Even if the draft is sent to Paper as it is the editor may well alter it.  The last time I wrote a journalistic article I was in high school.  All I remember that it needs to informative, like an essay, but need to catch and keep the attention of an audience who usually skims a few sentences before moving on.  It made a change from fiction and I do need to get back into practice for more academic writing.  That said, I need to write more fiction too!


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