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Kick her to curb

This flash fic was written for Jeremy’s daily challenge. I was attempting to get in as many references to the prompts as possible.  I feel 50/50 about this piece, I been having difficulty concentrating today and it’s affecting my feeling for prose.  However, that precisely when I should be practicing my work ethic towards writing. 🙂

Majestic. Not a word he used often. He had not seen snow before. A pure white blanket blazing in the sun; glittering from branches and creating shimmering halos on distant mountain tops. The man stood leaning into the car door, engine thrumming as it idled away. This was truly worth the long haul, he thought, trapped in his private reverie.

POP. He glared his companion. Chewing gum. A cow chewing cud made less noise. He felt a vein throbbing in his temple as he watched her play disinterestedly with her phone. He had lost count of the sights that had passed her by as she bitched about lack of sockets for her straightener or begged to be taken to nearest mall. The woman had shined like Aphrodite in the suburban streets; with her bleached hair, smart blazers and jewellery as colourful as peacock feathers. Weeks on the road had shattered that illusion. Out here, she is sewage in the snow, he thought with a terse step into the car. As he griped the steering with his fingerless driving gloves he decided that the question was not ‘why did I bring her along?’ but ‘where can I leave her?’


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