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Space Junk

crashlandingToday’s writing challenge is Monday’s Finish the Story. This is my first time trying this one but I quite like the extra element the combination of prompts gave me. This one combines the use of a photo prompt and an opening que (the quote below).  The two managed to spark off a bit of inspiration regarding a plot I was playing with a few months ago.

Racing down into the atmosphere, the unidentified object crashed, leaving behind one heck of a huge crater and a plume of smoke that could be seen from miles around.

Adrian kicked his way out of the ship wreck. “Damn Gillian. He’s outfitted me with space junk!” Adrian climbed out into the breathable atmosphere, jumping off the research pod. Forehead pressed into palm of his hand, he muttered “I can’t believe I was knocked out orbit by a stray satellite.” He would never live this down. With a curse, he kicked the craft, taking small satisfaction in the metallic clang. Taking a deep breath he thought, ‘Calm down. Take stock.’ The fumes needed to clear before he could salvage anything. It was fortunate he had sent off an S.O.S before he took a nosedive. Uncertain of when a rescue would occur his next port of call was survival. Spinning around to assess what the locale had to offer he became aware with a sickening jolt that he was not alone. A sword greeted his throat. “So much for no contact.”


In progress: Our story so far!

Now, the central goal for this blog is for me to challenge myself to write.  For today’s post, however, I am not publishing a short story or a poem – I’m submitting a progress report. ^_^ Very Professional, neh?  Like I’m reporting to an editor!

(So writing has put me into a horrible chipper, excited mood today 😉 )

This weeks projects include –

Child of the rushes – The supernatural story of Til, a young settler traveling in a wagon convoy who finds a baby wrapped in river weeds in a nest of rushes.  Til quickly adopts the abandoned child as her own but the lives of family and friends are put in danger as the settlers try and leave the river with the child.

Freedom –  A trip into the not so distant future.  Our characters live in the 22nd century where overpopulation and debt culture have to the re-introduction of slavery.  Payce and his sister survive by just making ends meet until their lives are thrown into turmoil when Payce chances across someone from his past – in a slave gang.

And my newest (as of today): I wanna be! – Susie summer starts her summer holiday at the beach with her friends.  Her friends joke about a local legend of a witch above the local gift store who grants wishes.  Susie finds herself in front of the witch making a wish to be a mermaid, but there is a price, and a condition.

Progress report:

Child in the Rushes:  I started writing this one as a submission for the 1/1/14 but somehow the length got away from me.  And then I wound up distracted by ‘Bring me a souvenir’, which I did actually submit for 1/1/14.  This occurred because the complexity and length of ‘Child in the rushes’ got away from me.  While it’s still not long enough to be considered a novella, it is now roughly 9 short chapters – 5 of which are scripted now.  As I was scripting I began to feel that some of my characterizations weren’t working between scenes so I’m already considering re-scripting some of what I have.  I’m no longer sure when this fic will be ready for posting.  At this point I think it may be at least a two parter.

Freedom –  My original intention for this fic is for it to be ready for the 8th.  I have a solid idea of what I want to do in terms of plot progress – to the point where I have actually written my opening scenes and an epilogue.  However, I feel that this one will be a two parter as well.  I also feel the need to flesh out what i have more.  That said, I am really enjoying the sci-fi action feel I get form this one.

I wanna be –  This one started as a 5-minute plot challenge today.  As it is the plot I outlined in the 5 minute frame is really only enough for a chapter 1.  It really has the feel of young adult fiction.  As a result the words are flowing with a simplicity that is refreshing for someone who is never happy with her work.  I also considering this as an extra submission for the week. Of course if one of the others isn’t ready for even a partial submission then this may be this weeks submission.

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