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The little hair brush

The little hair brush is  not a recently written piece.  This is another example of 14yr Steph’s craziness.  She was a loopy bugger.  I originally wrote it for a friend as joke.  The challenge was to rhyme paired lines – regardless of the difficulty of the rhyme.  Because was centered around this idea the poem too a life of it’s own, guided by necessary line endings.

There was a little Hair brush
who hated pittle pear mush
So she flew to the sea
On the back of a bee

When she got there
She couldn’t help but stare
“Oh what a wonderful sight
Is the sea at night,”
She murmured to the bee
As she set it free.

” The large pearly moon
Is a glowwing balloon
surrounded but stars a twinkle
on a satin sheet periwinkle.”

By the light of the moon
She danced like a loon
To the magical tune
Of waves upon dunes

As the sun set alight
The brush got a fright
She had danced away the night
And now was in a plight

She must be home soon
To face the wooden spoon
Who would surely break her bristles
Then spit her out like gristle.

Then along came a whale
With shiny golden pigtails.
She begged the brush to stay
And with her do play.

So the little hair brush stayed
With the whale and played
Hind and seek by day
And danced the nights away


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