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It will do

movingAnd You Call Yourself A…  About and Contents page  Updates Monday and Thursday

Emily was eagerly awaiting me when I got in. Why did I let her have the spare key? “So, what did you think?” Instant interrogation.

“About the house or about Victor?”

“Both.” Emily was sipping pilfered tea.

“The house was nice. Victor was so quiet I don’t know what to make of him.” I must of looked perplexed because Emily gave me an reassuring smile that did nothing for my confidence.

“He’s always been like that. Don’t worry about it.”

“Why would I; suits me fine.” Housemates that keep to themselves? Bonus!

“So, you’ll take it?”

“I’m moving in next week.”


Sweet Brain Damage Chapter 1 Part 3

concussedLinks to previous sections can be found here: Sweet Brain Damage contents page.

Rose took out her frustration on court. Abigail figured she would. Abigail had spent the game dashing around her zone like a startled bird. Rose was doing her best to constantly challenge Abigail’s ability to intercept the ball; ironically she was making a better player of Abigail, even if it resulted in exhaustion and painful muscle spasms on Abigail’s part. However the intense play was taking it’s toll. Sweat rolled into Abigail’s eyes a little frequently and her foot work was definitely beginning to slow. Abigail blinked, momentarily blinded by the stinging of sweat. She started as her name was called and scrambled to catch the netball a fraction too slowly. The ball bounced away, and Abigail tripped over her own feet trying to recover. With a whack she managed to connect her brow with an elbow and next thing she knew she was on the ground semi-concussed. At least she was sure she concussed because that was the only reason could explain why she felt like she had floated before hitting the ground.

Light reading: picture it and write

This week’s picture it and write, thanks Ermilia.

“…Platform 9 3/4. Make sure you don’t miss it.”

“Miss what?” His words feel on deaf ears as the faceless giant retreated into the distance. The chaos of the train platform added to his bafflement. Where’d the party go? The crowd go tighter and tighter as he was shoved through what seemed to be an ordinary column. Dylan reeled, finding himself face down in a ditch without warning. When the crushing pressure snapped Dylan awake he could help wishing j.k.rowling had written lighter books.

Part 5 Crush

crushAnd You Call Yourself A…  About and Contents page  Updates Monday and Thursday

Victor was pretty much how I imagined him. Quite, not unfriendly just not talkative. Our conversations didn’t stray far from housing arrangements. He wore a slightly broody expression that ruined his face. Still he was polite enough and was quick enough to smile when appropriate. It was a nice smile, but would have been warmer with more feeling. He wasn’t actually bad to look at, if a bit thin and pale. Dark hair, blue eyes; he’s actually Emily’s type physically. “Hey, you and Em go back to highschool, right?”


“Did you ever date?” Victor turned bright red. Cute.

Sweet Brain Damage Chapter 1 Part 2


Links to previous part can be found here: Sweet Brain Damage Contents page

Abigail kept her word. Kitted out in her netball uniform and stood in front of her open locker she discreetly made a few well placed comments to certain individuals who were guaranteed to have Tim’s name doused in mud within the hour. A shrill whistle indicated it was time to get out onto the court. Abigail shoved her mobile in her bag and jumped back just as the locker door almost slammed shut on her hand. Abigail did not have to look to know who had just attempted to injury her. She smelt peppermint shampoo. Abigail turned to her sister, Rose, with a placid expression. “Was my locker door in your way, Captain Rosie,” she said in deceptively sweet tones. Anyone listening would take ‘Rosie’ as a sibling pet name. It was, however, a pet name Rose despised with a passion. “You should be on court already, but if you have something more important to do we can always find someone else to play Wind Defence,” Rose replied with a daggered coolness. Abigail motioned to the locker room door, “After you, we can hardly practice without our Centre after all.” Abigail smiled, knowing her attitude was far more frustrating for her older sister then any payback.

Part 4 Emily has poor taste

Facebook-Stalker3And You Call Yourself A…  About and Contents page  Updates Monday and Thursday

Emily has bad taste in friends. Ever since a near miss involving Emily a uni mate-turned-stalker, Katherine had become, let’s say accustomed, to stalking people through social media. She had learnt that when in doubt google was always a good friend to have. Victor Westbrook. No obscure news references. Various profiles linked to his email address. Same age as Katherine; listed himself as a freelance web designer and IT specialist. Linkin showed good employment history, although curiously all jobs seemed to be linked to a home office. There seemed to be nothing suspicious. Harmless, so I picked up the phone and called him.

Sweet Brain damage Chapter 1 part 1


Today’s section of Sweet Brain Damage.  Check Contents page for previous parts.

The note hit Abigail’s desk the moment the teacher’s back was turned. Finally something of interest to read during their boring science class. Abigail was almost beginning to think she would pass out from a combination of heatstroke and boredom. ‘Come over tonight?’ was written in Hayley’s semi-legible scrawl. Hayley was one of Abigail’s best friends. She was a petite but plain-looking brunette with a sly smile. Abigail quickly penned back ‘Can’t. Have practice.’ A dissatisfied snort later the note flipped back onto her notebook. The sound punctured the rustling of paper with a dislocating sharpness. Abigail hastily covered the paper as the teacher looked questioningly in their direction. “Is there a problem, Miss Gretchen?” Hayley shook her head, not even phased by the intense stares that were now on the pair. ‘Blow off netball. Not like you enjoy it.’

‘Districts coming up.’

‘Come on! Ellen needs girl’s night in! Not same without you.’

‘Why, what’s up with Ellen?’

‘If you weren’t to busy being a NERD you’d know.’

‘Some of us have grade averages to keep. Ellen?’

‘She broke up with Tim. Caught him playing around.’

‘Jerk. Still need to go to practice. I will send out the texts though; his reps good are sewage.’

‘Thanks, wicked one, but still won’t forgive you for ditching tonight!’

‘Sorry, got to practice if I’m ever to beat Rose.’

‘The rivalry with your sister is unhealthy. Let you off tonight, but you’re coming out Sat.’

‘Party at Jamie’s? I’m coming!’

‘How shocking! Not in bed with books?’

Abigail drew a herself pulling a slightly rude expression at Hayley and ignored her until the bell rung.

There will always be technology


This one is for Sunday photo fiction. Mild social comment on my part, heh.

The aged curator shuffled about the museum exhibits, leading the tour group with shaky monotone repetition of information. Banefully, he eyed a young couple, giving a disapproving harrumph at the girl’s shrill, incessant giggle. The young girl was pointed a little too excitedly at an ancient piece of space-tech. She made a passing remark to her male companion about ancestral technology that made the curator frown. The curator was not alone in this; his expression mirrored on the little-too symmetrical face of the young man. The reason became very clear when the apparent teen responded with ‘Don’t compare me to that pathetic technology.” To this the girl pouted and pulled her android companion into a wilful embrace. The android flirtatiously tickled the girl in response, causing peels of laughter to reverberate about the large hall, causing annoyed stares all around. Ilshrine shot the pair a reproachful look and made a loud shushing sound, before returning to his duties was a shake of his head. There was one thing Ilshrine knew for certain. Teens still had an unhealthy obsession with technology.

Part 3 – Harmless huh?

smegalAnd you call yourself a… blurb and contents page.  Updates Mondays and Fridays.

I didn’t waste my time. “A bit odd. How do you know this friend?”

“Katherine, you’re so suspicious of me! He’s a school friend.” I sipped the bitter beer while giving her a look. “That’s only slightly reassuring from you. I’ve met some of your school friends.” Emily pouted. “You’re mean. At least it’s not someone I met in a bar.”

“Sorry, but you attract some nutters. How is he odd?”

“Nothing bad, he’s just quirky. He doesn’t talk much and stays indoors. But he’s always been kind to me.”

“Give me his contact details.”

Sweet Brain Damage: the foreshadowing

Smack to the headPart 1 can be read here.  I admit I ended up rushing this one in order to have something published for this story today.  I am having trouble conceptualizing the scene, even though I already know what happens.  Drat being ill.  Sweet brain damage contents page.

The foreshadowing

The universe has a penchant for congruity. Abigail reached her teenage years without so much a blip on the super-normal scale. She was an ordinary teenage girl facing ordinary problems, like making it through highschool with half a brain and her dignity still intact; a challenge in itself with a sister who terrorised her, a mother who was terrified of her and a loving father who simple wasn’t there. In an act on congruous serendipity her powers would be returned by a single blow. The blow would seem minor, but it would cause her problems to increase tenfold.

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