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Finding Inspiration: Writers tricks

I haven’t felt like writing much recently.  Despite the title, it’s not the result of lack of inspiration. It’s because I have felt no desire to write. As a blogger and a writer, that’s a death sentence. Today I’d like to discuss tricks we all use when writing instead of forcing myself to write a flash fic or poem.  However, I would also like any readers to contribute tips and tricks of their own.  Let’s have a little discussion. 🙂

The biggest road-block to writing is often feeling uninspired.  You can write in this state but I’ve always found that I’ve 90% more critical about what I’ve written when uninspired.  Subject matter always seems off without that brain blast of creativity flowing into the prose.  My favourite ways to get inspiration:

1) Meditate or walk.  My mind seems to go into a deep thought process when I do either.  At first it is all mundane reasoning but then an idea will just pop out of nowhere and urge to write it out just takes hold of all judgement.

2) Read or watch something.  To succeed in storytelling often involves taking what you know (and like) from other sources and putting your own stamp on it.  I know this sounds dangerously like plagiarism, doesn’t it?  It is if you take the ideas as they are. Writing is all about what you know and synthesizing something new.  There are only 7 plot types after all. 🙂

3) Roll a dice. (Or a random number generator) If I’m really stuck for ideas I start making a list of potential options, assign a number to each then let chance decide.  Sometimes the resulting scene is wonderfully new. Othertimes it is hilarious. In either event you end up with fantastic material. (I’m actually considering making a weekly game out of this one for my blog.)

4) Specifically for character design and sometimes house design – The sims. I admit I’ve spent too much time playing this recently. However, it is a great way to visualise what your character looks like if you are artistically challenged, like myself. You can even use it to write character biographies if you are so inclined.

5) Reading through older pieces you have written. We put so much into writing that often re-reading can spin off new ideas.

6) Writing prompts and photo prompts.  Most of my flash fiction and poetry I’ve published here is based off one prompt of another.

7) Historical research.  While fantasy can’t really be completely based off the biography of societies it is a great way to learn how people lived, what social situations were like, how decisions on a national level affected populaces, ect.


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