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Should have gone with pop-rock

on-on-offAnother combo prompt from me.  It’s like one writing prompt isn’t enough! 😀 The quote has been nicked from Adrian Lilly and photo prompt is from Rochelle, host of Friday Fictioneers.

Your character is very tired and the normally quiet neighbor is playing really loud music. Does your character go over to ask to turn the music down? What does s/he find if s/he does. If s/he tries to ignore it, how?

Should have gone with Pop-rock

Irene slammed her textbook against the wall. This was a clear violation of the rules. She was studying! The bastard’s heavy-metal was making the wall vibrate so hard her laptop skated off the desk. She imagined bursting in, yanking the cords and drenching the electrics. Irene bit her lip; since when was he the type to listen to this… this… RUBBISH. On cue the music got louder. Irene clapped hands over her ears, and marched to his door; now fully prepared to garotte the imbecile with his own electrical cords. Irene shoved his door open to discover he was… Crying?!


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