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A touch of grace

A touch of grace

Spiced with tales

Steered by time

Travails crooked trails

Wonder in discovery

Bind everyday

Driven, excited.

Playing in the fray.

Life’s shuffle brings

Pain and pleasure,

Crossroads and fog

To hide fairy treasure

Grace is fleeting

Days gather as dust

No time is wasted.

To higher powers we entrust.
Now free of burden

The adventure without measure

Beckons the explorer

To the true treasure.

Finally some writing to post. Bit of poetry but it involved thought! Lol The neurofatigue that comes with brain injury has been beaten back, this time anyway. This one is actually tied to recent events in my life; as can probably be seen. I have been thinking a lot about my cousin, whom we sadly lost last month. I think it needs work. :/


They finally got me: my seven deadly sins -_-

Thanks Angela, you’ve nominated me for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ – WordPress more fun equivalent of a facebook chain game (Which I Refuse to participate in on principle). When I first saw this floating around I thought What The Hell? I was convinced, until I saw it in action, that it was actual award!  But now that I’ve been nominated I am now obligated to share 7 interesting facts about myself.  I was hoping to avoid this because 7? Seriously, 7? 7 is a curse! (Besides, I have a million and one tales to tell, though they are not all true. 😉 )

My seven deadly sins: ~

1) I have a BA(hons) BUT I never graduated high school. 😉  I had a lot of misdiagnosed health problems when growing up (some of which I realised on my degree course were Stress and Anxiety related) so after 13 years of age my time actually at school become less and less (Which my parents quickly took advantage of by using me as a nanny for my youngest sibling). I am a self-proclaimed success story for alternative educational pathways.

2) I am related to Dawn Langley Pepita Simmons.  He started life as Gordon Langley Hall and she is my grandmother’s cousin. I have never met Dawn but would love too.  She managed to single-handedly alienate herself from that side of the family, but not, from how I heard it, for the gender change.  As Gordon she was known for being a bit ‘off with the faeries.’ In keeping, her biography has a lot of ‘tall tales’ or so the family claims.

3) Schizophrenia runs in my family on both sides. I had a fantastic time with my uncle growing up; talking to him when he was loopy was great, so many wonderful stories. I like to think that if he channeled that creativity properly he would be a best-seller.

4) I now have occasional use for a cane thanks to brain damage and the after-effects of the seizures.  However, my first response was not too be depressed. My friend backed away because she could see the evil glint in my eyes as I realised I now had a weapon I reasonable carry.

5) I the oldest of three but I’m the only official military brat.  Don’t let that throw you; we all have the same father! 😉

6) I’ve had a near death experience – but I was too young to remember it properly. I fell into a fish pond and nearly drowned when I was four.  All I have is this absolutely beautiful memory of staring up at the light through the murky waters with lily fronds and koi carp around.  It was a magical scene.

7) I don’t hide the fact that I’ve had brain surgery to remove a tumour. What I don’t often tell people (because people are often more squeamish than I) is that I was awake the entire time for my 6 hour open head surgery.  And, hell yes, I was scared – particularly when they were using an electric stimulator to map out the line between tumor and brain tissues.  They hit on specific point and I was damn near launched off the table by the resultant seizure.

Next up, my nominations.  I’ve tried to pick people who would actually interested in this one.  There are a few people who I know have been nominated but not joined in.  I also want to use it as a chance to call attention to good writers, if I can. But that list could go on forever! Now for my nominees – Tag, You’re it!!

My nominees *Evil smirk*

1. Ray of an Unsimplelife – fellow aussie who challenged my to try to offend him.

2. Jeremy of quite a few blogs. 🙂

3. Draliman

4. Priceless Joy

5. Kindredspirt23

6. Aileen

7. Suzanne (couldn’t resist using it. 🙂 )

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15. Kate

Hopefully, if don’t want to take a crack at it, you’ll won’t want to flame me! 🙂

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